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How To Get Your Own Crowdfunding Business?

We live in a digital world right from the morning we get up till the night when we go to sleep, we are constantly surrounded by gadgets all around us. The Internet has touched our lives in a way that it is an essential part of our lives today.

The digital revolution has also affected the business across all sectors that it has become a norm to get any business on the online platform. The Crowdfunding is a method to raise money from investors for a project submitted by a fundraiser.
Here the investor will look into a project posted by the fundraiser and if he/she finds it interesting then it will get funds required for that project. Overall it is an innovative way to create a business using the internet as a medium.  

Basically, the idea is to invest in a project with the help of fundraisers who have ideas but due to lack of funds, they could not start a project on their own. It brings a lot more opportunity for the investor who is constantly in a search to make an investment in a good business model.
Business Setup  
Once the development phase gets over the next stage is to make a brand out of that software. You must have realized how important it is to feature in search engine results on primary pages. A majority of us only click first few links appear on search results, isn’t it?

The Crowdfunding Script  is a complete package which comes with SEO features which increase the visibility of your website on Google, Yahoo!, DuckDuckGo, Bing etc.  

Now if you are willing to give into this business let’s do it. Take a look at this Crowdfunding Script by NCrypted Websites and see what you get with it.

  • It has Flexible Funding Models
  • Standalone Software
  • Free Software Installation
  • 1 Year Free Hosting
  • 1 Year Free Tech. Support
  • Attractive Design with A User-Friendly Navigation
  • SEO Friendly Web Pages
  • Mobile Friendly Web Pages
  • Easily Customizable as Per Your Need
  • Powerful Admin Panel with Interactive Dashboard
  • User Management System
  • Payment Management System
  • Newsletter Management from by Admin   
  • Social Login with Facebook, Google
  • Easy Password Recovery Through Email
  • Edit Profile Area In Account Section
  • Social Sharing of Projects with Friends and Family
  • Secure Payment Gateway
  • Easy Project, Commission Management
  • FAQ Category and Questions
  • Project Review and Rating System
  • Project Presentation through Video and Images
  • Rich-text Content Management with CKEditor
  • Project Filtering and Sorting
  • Advanced Search for Projects based on Category
  • Effective Spam, Abuse Reporting
  • Private Message System For Fundraisers and Backers
  • Robust Form Builders
  • User Activity Tracking
  • Create Engrossing Project Categories Based on Listed Projects 
  • Multiple Currency Options
There are a lot more features you can experience on product demo by visiting NCrypted Websites. This software is 100% customizable you can also see real-time progress in coordination with your project manager.  
For more contact NCrypted Websites, tell us your ideas about the next start-up.
 We together will surely build a world-class product…


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NCrypted Websites has expertise in this domain, we have launched thousands of successful startups so far and yours could be the next in this market.

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